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SoplacasTank ST-Carrousel was created to meet the needs of specific treatment methods.

Its technology also allows the design of reservoirs of other shapes, like triangular ones.

Just like all the other systems of its range, it offers the qualities of durability and resistance to chemical attacks that are the key of the SoplacasTank technology's success.

C40/50 Concrete Class
(Can be made of sulphate-resistant concrete)
Larger durability of the structure
No maintenance
Reduced long-term cost
Controlled production Absence of concrete joints
Seal of quality
Vertical pre-stress Absence of fissures
Fast assembly and rigorous control of schedule Shorter time on site
Less workforce
Precise timings
Turn key price Efficient cost control
Horizontal post-stress cables inside the panels Better protected against corrosion and acts of vandalism
Vertical joints between panels and horizontal seams
injected with cement solution (by the base at a 10 bar pression), compressed by the post-stress cables
Garantees the tightness of the joints
Lateral panels of variable thickness (16 to 40 cm) Height up to 6,00 m
Capacity up to ~50.000 m3