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Soplacas started producing and selling SoplacasTank products in 1996, having since then developed its technology in order to offer, nowadays, a range of reservoirs of various shapes, sizes and destined to diverse purposes.

These systems offer the solidity and safety of superior construction. Our long experience, the methodical development of each project and the fast and safe assembly of our tanks make them extremely profitable investments, as they give a quick economic and financial return on investment. A real cooperation with every party involved in the projects is crucial to us, as it allows us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

The flexibility of SoplacasTank’s technology makes almost every application possible, with capacities between 100 m3 and 30.000 m3. Each tank is studied and designed by our engineers according to each project’s specific needs and is designed and prefabricated following their directives. Special elements like recesses, manholes or parapets can be executed during the prefabrication, embedded in the panels from the beginning, which makes the assembly on site quicker and cleaner.

Our standards of quality are Soplacas’ signature. Thus, our company is certified by the ISO 9001 norm. SoplacasTank reservoirs’ execution respect the Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures – Part 4: Liquid retaining and containment structures.

Since 1996, Soplacas has designed and executed around 1.000 tanks throughout Portugal and Spain. Our company has been present on the prefabricated concrete market for over 40 years and remains a reference for the future.