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SoplacasTank SC-6 are circular tanks which have a height up to 6,00 m and can have diametrers between 8,00 and 26,00 meter. They are composed by a slab built "in situ" and by a set od prefabricated and pre-stressed panels which are connected by post-stress cables. SC-6 Reservoirs can be built on the surface of the ground, or can be partially ou completely buried.


 C40/50 Concrete class
(Can be made of sulphate-resistant concrete)

Larger durability of the structure
No maintenance
Reduced long term cost
Controlled production Absence of concrete joints
Seal of quality
Vertically pre-stressed panels Ausência de fissuras
Fast assembly and rigorous control of schedule Shorter time on site
Less workforce
Precise timings
Turn key price Efficient cost control
Horizontal post-stress cables inside the panels Better protected against corrosion and acts of vandalism
Vertical joints between panels and horizontal seams injected with cement solution (by the base, at a 10 bar pression), compressed by the post-stress cables Garantees the tightness of the joints
Large range of pre-fabricated complements to the structure (roofs, pillars, etc.) Adaptatable to any application, from supply centers to treatment plants
Lateral panels: 2,10m wide and 14-18cm thick Height: up to 6,00m;
Diameter: upt to 26,70 m;
Capacity: up to ~3.000 m3